The Parmozone Challenge #Win £1000 in Rub Vouchers

Leah the Winner of the Parmozone Challenge
The Winner of the Parmozone Challenge was Leah who managed an incredible time of 4 minutes 37 seconds. Watch this space for new Challenges coming soon.
The Parmozone is two flattened Red Tractor chicken breasts dipped and fried in breadcrumbs topped with bechamel and red cheddar. One goes inside a calzone with a chicken gravy base layered with mozzarella and the other on top when it comes out the oven baked.
Terms & Conditions
1. The challenge is to eat this unaided in the quickest time possible. 
2. The Challenger must not leave the table while the challenge is on.
3. If the challenger vomits then their entry is void.
4. The Challenger must not share the parmozone.
5. The entry will only be accepted if all is eaten including salad.
6. Drinks are allowed.
7. All challenge attempts must be made with a reservation, adding the challenge attempts in the notes. Reservations must be made via our website. Challenges cannot be accept on Friday or Saturday evenings after 6pm. You can enter the eating competition at any Rub Smokehouse & Bar Site.
7. The winner is the challenger with the fastest time. This will be announced on facebook and via our newsletter in early December.
8. This competition is governed by the laws of England & Wales. Facebook are not associated with this competition or are liable.
The Winner will receive £1000 in Rub Vouchers, may the fastest eater win.