#FoodPorn coming soon to Birmingham

You may have seen various brash, over the top food dishes appearing on your social media feeds. Probably with the tags #FoodPorn and #EpicFood. The culprit is Rub Smokehouse & Bar who open on Broad Street this month. This is a sample of what to expect when it opens, some feature on the menu some are weekly creations of an ever changing array of specials.


The #HungDrawnAndQuartered is what you could describe as a taster of the menu at Rub, but its hardly a taster designed for 2 or 4 to share this mammoth tray has full portions of low n slow smoked chicken, baby back ribs, chicken wings, 16 hour slow cooked hand pulled pork and beef brisket. It also comes with burger sliders and corn dogs plus a choice of 4 or 8 sides. Don't worry if you can't manage it Rub actively promote doggie bags, so you can take it away and still save room for dessert.

The Big Boy USA in Little Italy

This creation of madness features a double cheeseburger in a bun with skin on fries wrapped up in a mozzarella & bbq sauce calzone pizza. 

The Choc Dog Eclair

This controversial creation divides opinion some have exclaimed is 'just wrong' but many have said it is 'so right'. It is a cream filled chocolate eclair with a smoked frankfurter sausage wrapped placed in the middle drizzled with chocolate syrup and extra cream. Main and Dessert in one!!!

Twinkie Burger

Yes it is!! It's four deep fried american cake bar butter cream filled Twinkies of 'Zombieland' fame formed into two halves of a bun. Sandwiching two cheeseburgers filled with low n slow 14 hour cooked beef brisket coated in Jack Daniels gravy. More controversial food sorcery from Rub!

The Mr Croque

Back down to earth with a thud, but a gooey tasty thud, the Mr Croque is a creation for Rub's brunch menu based on the French toasted sandwich Croque Monsieur although this offers a slightly different twist. The sandwich has a mixture of Monterey Jack Cheese and low n slow pulled pork coated in cheese sauce rather than the usual bbq sauce. This is then sandwiched between egg washed paprika bread. It's simple and delicious.

The #KitchenSink Sundae

If your looking for a dessert that includes everything including the kitchen sink, then this literally does. A sundae for four people served in a sink. Filled with brownies, berry fruit, flavoured ice cream, syrups and cream. Can you beat the #KitchenSink ? 

Brownie Heaven Scotch Creme Egg

If you get to visit Rub and you can't manage dessert you can always take away one of their fabulous brownies. They have a sister company who bake brownies from dark Belgian chocolate. Their crunchy yet gooey all at the same time. The most notable example being this Meat inspired creation, it's a Cadbury's Creme Egg wrapped in dark chocolate brownie and then dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in crushed digestive biscuit. 

To see what to expect and more check out the Rub Smokehouse Website