All Bull n Crumpet 15.95

Two warburton's giant crumpets grilled with melted oozy cheddar, filled with our special ground brisket, jacobs ladder and chuck burger, topped with american cheese, with hickory bacon, two sunny side up eggs, topped with our very special smoked pigs in blankets. The only decision to make is do you add maple syrup? Perfect for a new year brunch. 

All Bull n Crumpet


The Big Momma  19.45 

The double decker buttermilk chicken in three waffles topped with hickory bacon, American cheese, lashings of Peanut Butter Mayonnaise, Shredded Lettuce, House Pickled Slaw dripping with maple syrup, skewered with a bbq corn on the cob. Served with Fries & a further dollop of Peanut Butter Mayo just because there's not enough calories in standard mayo.
#peanutbuttermayo #bigmomma #foodporn


The Big Momma


The Donut & Waffle Burger Love Child 18.95

Southern Fried Chicken, a dirty brisket & jacobs ladder cheeseburger, sixteen hour slow cooked hickory pork, served on a waffle topped with a Donut iced donut, add a gherkin (purchase not necessary) and a candy floss garnish. Served with some plain fries. (as you wouldn't want to over do it now would you ?)

Donut & Waffle Burger Love Child

Destroy the Mexican Wall Pizza 27.95 

Are you a builder or do you prefer demolition, have a go at this Mexican wall of cheesey nachos cutting this massive pizza in half one side topped with seasoned sizzling fajita steak & vegetable, on a salsa base, on the other a BBQ base with cheeseburger sliders and buffalo wings. Who joining you to share this?

Top Trumps Mexican Wall Pizza


Ring a Ring a Reeses 7.95

At the request of BFF Champion Katie Holder we launched this beast of a dessert

2 x Donuts
Peanut Butter
Ice cream
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Crushed Almonds
Cadbury's Flake

Ring a Ring a Reeses



Gookie Oreo Monster  7.95

Two chocolate chip cookies sandwiching a gooey Brownie Heaven, crumbled Oreo Cookies layered with Nutella and melted marshmallows.

Gookie Oreo Monster


The Easter Bunny goes Crackers in a Candy Store Pizza
(available from Good Friday)
You know there are no rules at Rub, this 16" Beast of Pizza is topped with Nutella, Marshmallow, Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs, Lindt Bunnies, M &M's, Candy Floss, Chocolate Sauce & a strawberry for health.
Creme Eggs & Bunnies on a Pizza



Crazy Cakes  19.95 (must be pre-booked)

Perfect for a celebration or just if you have a cake fetish, home made victoria sponge stuffed with an American sweet shop ingredients plus nutella and cream. Available free if you book a celebration of 12 or more, via our website and quote code Crazy-Cakes.


Crazy Cakes