About Us

Rub Smokehouse & Bar

Lucas, Sean & Jason

A passion for food, drink and creating a party atmosphere are the three ingredients that make up Rub, the coming together of Luke Billingham, Sean Singer & Jason Rowe. Having all worked together in Rebel's Smokehouse in Beverley the relationship helped cement the idea for Rub.

Luke enjoys having a 'nice time' and has worked in restaurants & bars for the last 20 years. His passion for hospitality comes from his love of life and wanting every night to be a big celebration. He is also responsible for the interior design of Rub Nottingham, Birmingham and shortly Newcastle.

Sean has worked in the restaurant industry for over 15 years, his passion for creating #EpicFood is his drive and creating amazing Kitchen teams that can put together his dishes is what he loves. Sean is the true dynamo of Rub and will give Luke a run for his money when creating a party atmosphere. Don't be surprised if you see him dancing on the Podiums to 'We Will Rock You'.

Jason followed his passion to work in food over 12 years ago, setting up first event an event catering company, followed by a fine dining concept,  then a smokehouse. He is also very much involved in the #EpicFood menus and also the man behind Brownie Heaven. Jason is the serious one with a glint in his eyes;-).

Rub Birmingham

Rub is a BBQ restaurant with it routes firmly in the South of the USA. We take our meat very seriously and use a butchers called Sykes House Farm 'The Chef's Butcher' near Wetherby North Yorkshire. Their passion for meat cuts is evident and their farming ethics are second to none. They have years of expertise in butchery of American style cuts of meat. All of our meat is cooked in our smokers 'Hank & Marvin' overnight, marinated first with our secret 'Rub' blend of spices. The Brisket & Pork Shoulder is cooked low n slow for around 16 hours.

After the amazing success of the Nottingham Rub & Rub Birmingham, and before Rub's second birthday, Rub on the Tyne has opened on the 18th October 2016, in the Gate leisure development in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  

Rebel's Smokehouse in Beverley were Luke, Sean & Jason met and first started working together has now been added to the Rub Smokehouse group, expect to see #EpicFood and #EpicCocktails soon in East Yorkshire. Rebels' will soon be hosting a Rub Pop Up serving all the delicious Rub food.


There's only one thing for it 'Get Your Coat' #YouvePulled