Menu hacking in the USA and Australia is massive!! But what exactly is it? Sometimes it's referred to as a secret menu, but in it's simplest terms it taking Item A on the Menu adding Item B and creating something completely new.

If you're active on Instagram you may have been inundated with American restaurant menu hacks, one of the most famous is the Californian chain In and Out Burger and their Animal Fries, this dish never actually used to appear on the menu, but they take the grilled sweet onions, their famous burger sauce (which is similar to Thousand Island dressing) and two slices of American cheese. 

Hellthy Junk food below show you how to make the most famous of menu hacks below at home.

In the UK menu hacks are not that common but are just starting to appear, notably since McDonalds introduced the digital ordering menu boards which has allowed hackers to add eggs to any item on the menu.


What does this mean when you visit Rub?

We designed our whole menu around hacking and modifications so that you can create food that is unique to you. Take the Pimp my Burger section, here you can add anything to the Between Buns section of the menu, but did you know you can add any of these items to any other dishes on the menu? We also added three sauces that are available hot all the time to the bottom of the menu, the most popular being the nacho cheese sauce, however the hot homemade BBQ sauce, and BBQ style gravy are also winners.

The combinations and options are endless, we've created a couple of examples over recent weeks, notably with the 2ft pizza slice adding garlicky buffalo sauce to the base and southern fried chicken and blue cheese.

Buffalo & Blue Epic 2 Ft Pizza Slice

Or by adding the pulled pork nachos to the 2ft pizza slice.

Pulled Pork Nachos 2 Ft Pizza Slice

Any visit to Rub is only limited by your imagination, if we've got the ingredients we can make your dish.

Fancy the Tater Tots with the Pepperoni Pizza topping? You got it. 

How about the Ribs with Korean BBQ sauce and sesame seeds? It's in the smoker!

What about a Cheesecake Sundae? Done that!!

Use #RubHacks and take a photo of your menu hack when you are in and if we use it we'll send you out a voucher to eat it for free. If we add your dish to our menu we'll let you eat that dish for free in the restaurant every time you visit.