The Top Five Quick Lunches for less than £10 #rubquickie

We're famous for our belt busting, food baby #EpicMeals but we offer some amazing value lunches served very quickly if you're in a rush. He's our Top 5 for under a tenner. We're curing, marinating, smoking every day 24 hours to have these amazing dishes ready to serve very quickly.

Pulled Pork Hoagie

1. The Pulled Pork Hoagie

We take massive pork butts, (shoulders), rub in our secret blend of spices, leave for 24 hours to marinate, then we smoke over hickory for 16 hours and pull it to order. Served on a hoagie roll with a touch of house pickled slaw and a portion of fries for 5.95. Buy a soda for 2.80 and get unlimited refills. Lunch = 8.75

Mixed Bean Chilli

2. Mixed Bean Chilli (v)

Mixed beans in a smokey sweet bbq chilli sauce with peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes, corn, served with dirty rice, nachos, salsa and cheese all for the princely sum of 7.95 

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

3. Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Rub Chicken is cured on the bone for 24 hours in brine, then rubbed with our secret spice mix and smoked over hickory for 2 hours. It is then hand pulled and tossed in Frank's Hot sauce and butter sandwiched between two tortillas topped with cheese and oven baked. All this for 5.95, add some bottomless ice tea for 2.75. Lunch = 8.70

Pigs in Blankets

4. Pigs in Blankets with a Side of Pulled Pork Cheese Fries

A tub of Sykes' butcher's top quality cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon, smoked for an hour over hickory with a dip of homemade white bbq sauce, order a side of pulled pork & cheese topped fries for a quick tasty porky lunch. Lunch = 8.65

Three Cheese Ravioli

5. Three Cheese Ravioli with a side of Bacon & Blue Cheese Caesar

Breaded three cheese ravioli with a spicy salsa dip, order a caesar salad on the side with bacon, blue cheese & croutons. Lunch = 9.65

These are just a small selection of the combos you can make up for under a tenner. What will you put together?