The 5 Best Rub Hangover Cures

The best hangover cure is to drink with moderation or not drink at all, but if you do succumb to too much spirit on an evening heres are Rub's Top Five hangover cures. 

The #KitchenSink Brunch

1. The Kitchen Sink Brunch
This has brunch has everything including the kitchen sink to soak up any over consumed grog. It's a cross between an American Breakfast & English Breakfast, with American Pancakes, Waffles, Hickory smoked streaky bacon, smoked pigs in blankets, BBQ Beans, sunny side up eggs, fried potatoes & maple syrup.


 Nugzilla Britains Biggest Chicken Nugget

2. Nugzilla - The Giant Chicken Nugget
'If nuggets are like your fam' this beast of a nugget equivalent to over 80 normal nuggets in weight, will wash away the hangover, served with a double portion of fries you may need to share it.


The Yorkshire Pudding Burrito
3. The Yorkshire Pudding Burrito
A cross between American BBQ, Mexican and Sunday Roast Dinners this mega tray baked Yorkshire Pudding baked in the pan with beef dripping is rolled and filled with horseradish, 14 hour low n slow cooked beef brisket, with applewood smoked cheddar mash, spring greens, and caramelised onions, with a big gravy dipper. Say farewell to that Hangover


 Destroy the Mexican Wall Pizza
4. Destroy the Mexican Wall Pizza
Donald Trump never wakes up with a hangover, probably due to the fact he never drinks. This giant 16" pizza has flavours of Mexico on one side and flavours of the USA on the other divided by a cheese covered Nacho wall you must bring down. The ideal hangover sharer as its topped with burger sliders, wings and steak fajita as well as Mexican beans. By the time you've finished this you'll need a sleep and will wake up right as rain.


The Hog Outta Hell - Rub's Meatloaf Based Bloody Mary
5. Like a Hog Outta Hell


Can't face an #Epic proportion of food and prefer the hair of the Pigs in Blanketsdog version. This is Rub's take on a Bloody Mary with Tito's Smoked Vodka, Meatloaf tincture, Rosemary Bitters and spiced tomato juice. This Hog bites back. It would be ideal with a side of Pigs in Blankets just to move that Hangover on until a little later.