The Colour Red

The Colour Red

Chinese New Year at Rub Smokehouse

Red corresponds with fire, joy and good fortune in Chinese culture. The colour is at the core of Chinese New Year and of all things Rub. We may be an American Smokehouse but there are a whole multitude of reasons why you should join us at the end of this month to bring in the year of the Rooster.

China Town at New Year

I spent the first 19 years of my life in Hong Kong, so Chinese New Year was a big part of my upbringing. The memories that are most vivid for me are of the spectacular firework displays, lion dances and Lai See (little red envelopes full of gifts, usually money, that as a kid was a pretty spectacular surprise). So when developing a cocktail special to celebrate the occasion, I thought of ways to incorporate a few of those elements.

The “Gin Rickey Shaw” will be unveiled in all it’s glory next week as we build towards the big day. Make sure to check it out, share it with your friends and most importantly come on down to try it. It’ll be available from next week until the end of the month. It’s based on a “Gin Rickey”, a classic gin cocktail comprising of Gin, Lime, Sugar & Soda, which is very close to a “Tom Collins” in style.

I’ve used Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin as the base for it’s obvious Asian link and for its peppery Cardamom, Coriander and Juniper notes. The gin is one of the many modern gins that push the boundaries of what a gin can be. It’s made at G & J distillers in Warrington and is the brainchild of master distiller Joanne Moore. She is only the 7th master distiller in the long and colourful history of this great distillery and has brought to life some great gins that tap into different areas of the flavour wheel. Whether it be herbaceous with Berkeley Square, floral with Blooms, savoury with Thomas Dakin or spiced with Opihr. We will be stocking the Warrington collection on our new menu so if you’re a gin fan then keep an eye out.

The next ingredient is Briottet Kumquat. A sweet and zesty member of the Asian orange family that Briottet have turned into a flavoursome liqueur. Kumquat trees or small orange trees play a big part in Chinese New Year traditions. They are a common gift representing the sun and positive yang energy.

That’s combined with a ripe melon & rose syrup, fresh lime juice and ginger ale in the place of soda. The flavours all enhance the botanicals in Opihr, creating a spicy and tangy cocktail with plenty of typical Asian flavours.

Opihr Gin

It’s served up in a Chinese Takeaway Box with a Lai See Envelope full of “cash”, a Fortune Cookie and “Firework” sparkler. It embodies all those things that remind me of Chinese New Year and most importantly is fun, which is what cocktails at Rub are all about.

Drinking has a place in Chinese New Year traditions from passing around a cup from family member to family member to drunken games of Liar’s Dice. So make sure you embrace those intoxicated festivities and sip on our scrumptious beverage to bring in the year of the Fire Rooster.

Drink and food should be had hand in hand. So what better way to enjoy our epic cocktail than with an epic food special? The “Epic Pulled Pork in Chinatown” is a sweet and savoury stack of Giant American Pancakes topped with naked pulled pork. It’s served up with fried eggs, prawn crackers and a drizzle of hoi-sin sauce & maple syrup. Enjoy it in the morning as an alternative brunch or have an all day breakfast and devour it in the evening. We’re serving it up in a bamboo dumpling box. It screams Chinese-American fusion and is a definite guilty pleasure.

So hopefully i’ve tempted you to pay us a visit this month, to give your #EpicSpecials a try and to ring in the Chinese New Year at Rub. Take a moment, click on our bookings and make sure you reserve a table for you and your friends. We wish you good fortune on your binging adventures. Kung Hei Fat Choi.

Written by Joe Macbeth