Rub Up Your Valentine

Rub Up Your Valentine

by Joe Macbeth

Valentine’s day is nearly upon us. That awkward time of year when we all feel pressured to open our wallets and go out for a fancy dinner, expensive drinks and much gift giving (in more ways than one). Let’s face it, not many of us actually like Valentine’s day. It’s a just a day on the calendar we need to tick off. For those of us who are single it’s just a little kick in the teeth. For those in relationships a minefield of financial burden and dating faux pas. So why not push all that crap aside and embrace a fun new Valentine tradition. Indulging in your guilty pleasures with us at Rub. Whether it be with your other half, a bromance or womance, a night out with friends or a shindig with the family. We’ve got some tasty epic food specials available including a Valentine’s special tasting menu. There are also two tasty cocktail specials, which just so happen to be available as part of our regular 241 cocktail offer between 11am-7pm and 10pm-close. So mull it over, ponder binging on those epic munchies and drinks and click on 'book a table' because Rub is where the party is at on February the 14th.

Our Lady’s Choice cocktail is a light and floral option, similar to a Tom Collins or Gin Rickey. It’s a long medley of Broker’s Gin, Elderflower Cordial, Rose Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice and Soda Water. Served up in our retro knickerbocker glasses with a paper rose.

Our Gentlemen’s Choice cocktail is one for you Mojito lovers. A fresh and vibrant blend of Southern Comfort, Peach Syrup, Fresh Mint, Fresh Lemon Juice & Soda Water with a deadly dash of Hapsburg Absinthe. Served up with a cheeky I.O.U from your secret admirer.

Not your cup of tea? Don’t worry about it. We’ve got 20 classic cocktails available on 241, our 26 cocktail strong original cocktail list, plenty of beers & ciders or if you’re in the mood for fizz then there’s plenty of prosecco to go around.

“Golden Rings” is one of our Valentine food specials with more to be revealed soon. It’s a mouth watering and ever so naughty combo of two cheeseburgers, fried egg, steak & a macaroni bite, wedged between donuts and coated in edible gold leaf. Served up with a side of guacamole, cheese and sour cream nachos. Tempted?

So if you’re up for doing something a bit alternative for Valentines, or the weekend just before, then grab yourself a table at Rub and sort yourself out with a little treat. You deserve it.