Get Ready to Rub #Newcastle

Press Release

#GetReadyToRubYourSelfie Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Rub Smokehouse & Bar are delighted to announce the up and coming opening of Rub on the Tyne. We have taken what used to be the Ask in the Gate leisure venue.  We are now open for reservations from the 18th October 2016.


Near the Big Market and following on from the amazing success of Rub Nottingham & Birmingham, Newcastle will be a similar size venu to Nottingham.  The first Rub opened in Nottingham in late November 2014, Birmingham shortly after in Summer 2015, the theme for Newcastle will follow the organic development of each site designed specifically for the city it sits in. We will up-cycled as much material as we can as part of the décor of Newcastle, the look will be bright and graphical taking inspiration from the 1980’s.


There is nothing better than walking into a room that is actually buzzing, and there maybe a 15 year old taking food selfies in one corner and 75 year old grandmother waving their hands in the air in another, we hope the #guiltypleasures music will help this and keep our #epicfamily entertained to the wee small hours. The venue will be casual, and will make you feel great. The music will be a little too loud and the atmosphere pumping. Although as the third restaurant in the Rub group each venue will represent it own unique identity to reflect the culture and diversity of the area.


We have gained a reputation for cooking gargantuan portions, American Barbecue features prominently  ‘low n slow’ meats smoked over Hickory from the Deep South of the USA style. Cooking pork shoulders and beef brisket for 16 hours, and rubbed with our secret blend of spices. Add to that the #epicburgers which we create and #epicdesserts including the #kitchensink sundae. One of the latest inventions the BurShake a burger and beer shake with a waffle burger has created a media furore recently with the best Man v Food time of 4m25s to beat it. If you like large portions this will be the place to be. Our mantra is if we beat your meat take it with you, in a doggy bag American style. We hate waste.


#RubYourSelfie has become synonymous on Instagram, and shows off the energy of the visitors to Rub to date in Nottingham and Birmingham over 5000 pictures have been tagged with the hashtag, this will only grow with Newcastle.



The large bar area will feature a range of speciality cocktails created by our nationally recognised Mixologist Joe MacBeth. Sending sharers out in in tin baths with edible pigs and sweet bath foam is one of his specialities, as well as sophisticated drinks like Jack n Rose with an ice cube in the shape of Titanic. They are sweet, loud and brash and that is the point. We also have an amazing selection of Rub craft beers brewed by WEST in Glasgow, serving in 1ltr Steins.


We hope you will come and sample the experience be at a brunch, lunch, dinner or late supper and are really excited about opening in Newcastle. We CANNOT WAIT!!!!