We positively encourage that you take away what you cannot manage to eat within our restaurants home to eat later in a doggy bag, providing you refrigerate of course. We hate waste and know that are portions are large and like the culture in USA we would like to promote a change in the UK for asking for doggy bags in restaurants. 


We’d love to hear what you do after with the left overs, whether you just pick at what you brought home or whether you turn it into another dish. Add it to the comments below. This blog begins a new series of articles about left over hacks and videos, watch out for them soon. 


We’ll start this one off with a portion of Brisket, say you go #Epic on our Brisket meal and you have a good amount left of the low n slow 16 hour cooked recipe. This is an ideal idea for breakfast the next day.


Cheese Steak Omelette (serves 1)


Left Over Brisket

3 Free Range Eggs

60g Grated Cheese any will do (add more cheese if you like CHEESE)

¼ red onion or yellow onion sliced

¼ red pepper

half an avocado squeeze of lemon juice or lime juice sliced

salt & pepper

pinch of chilli flakes or tabasco

2 knobs of butter or olive oil for frying


Firstly chop the brisket up into chunks, in a 20cm frying pan over medium heat add the first knob of butter allow to melt and add the onions, cook until browned slightly and soft. When soft add the chopped brisket, and red pepper, season with salt and pepper, stir fry until heated through. Empty the contents of the pan into a bowl and reserve to one side.


Next whisk up 3 eggs add the salt and pepper and a little chilli flakes or tabasco, return the pan back to the hob wiping with dry kitchen towel, add the other knob of butter allow to melt and then add the egg mix. Stir around the bottom of the pan covering the whole pan in egg, as it starts to set add the steak, onion and pepper mix to half the pan with the grated cheese, layer the sliced avocado on top. Once the omelette has nearly set fold over and allow to cook for a few minutes until the cheese melts.


Serve with some steamed spinach for added greens. The same recipe could be used with left over roast beef, or left over steak.

Cheese Steak Omlette with Avocado