Bayou Afterparty


In partnership with Diageo, we’re running a limited time only secret special at Rub Nottingham as part of World Class, a competition for bartenders from around the world. Our drinks creator, Joe Macbeth, has created a drink inspired by two future trends, ‘Emotional’ drinks that involve an element of theatre or magic, something that brings out an emotional response in the drinker and ‘High Tech’ integrating technology into the drink.

His drink ‘Bayou Afterparty’ celebrates these two ideas and also his love for both the drinking culture in the American South and the vibrant images associated with New Orleans and the Louisianna Bayou. Trends are often developed around colour. The pantone colour of the year is Greenery. I’m sure you’ve been in shops and noticed a lot of green shades appearing in fashion, furniture, etc over the last few months. It’s going to appear in food and drinks soon as well. The drink has a lot of vibrant green colours in the serve.

It combines Bulleit Rye with Fresh Lemon Juice, Fino Sherry, Bayou Cordial and Chickpea Water. For a refreshing, dry and lightly spiced sour style cocktail with hints of nuts and orchard fruit. Our Bayou cordial combines a motley crew of flavours such as Green Apple, Gooseberry, Green Spinach, Lemon Verbena, Macadamia, Orange Blossom & Pistachio. It sounds very unusual but what the combination creates is a lovely syrup that is up front with some delicious nutty notes followed by some lovely orchard fruit sweetness. The flavours compliment the spice in the rye whiskey and the nuttiness of the fino sherry. Chickpea water is used instead of egg white to create a foamy and light sour in terms of texture. It also means it’s vegan friendly.

The drink is all about theatre. Being whisked away late at night from a Mardi Gras party in New Orleans to a late night festival in the bayou swamp, surrounded by lanterns, fireflies and the warm heat of the American deep south. We serve the drink blindfolded with some southern country jazz rock playing and wind blowing in your face. You’re then spritzed with smoked cucumber water like the jetspray of your hovercraft zipping through the Bayou and hitting you with all that aroma. We then reveal the drink.

Served with an LED ice cube. The drink lights up with an eerie, colour changing glow. We serve it up with some fresh mint and mardi gras beads. It’s presented on a green & brown wooden board with a spread of ‘vegetation’.

Those lucky few that nab one of our limited time only batches will also get a Bulleit Member’s Card, entitling them to 10% off Bulleit on their next purchase and of course the bragging rights of being part of a secret little club.

Check out Bulleit bourbon and their range at and don’t forget to stop by soon for our new 80s themed cocktail menu launching later this month.