"A Very Rub Thanksgiving"

“A Very Rub Thanksgiving”
by Joe Macbeth

It’s our 1st proper Thanksgiving at Rub and we’re celebrating with a few seasonal specials to commemorate that “oh so American” holiday. We’ve partnered up with our friends at Wild Turkey Bourbon to create two cocktail specials and a Thanksgiving food special for the big day. They’re available throughout November so get them whilst they last. 

TURKEY SHOOT ICED TEA - “Only Available in Birmingham”

Based around the bourbon brand’s fabled ‘Turkey Shoot’ in 1940 in which distillery executive Thomas McCarthy brought some warehouse whiskey samples on a Turkey Hunting trip with his friends. They would later ask him if he could get hold of “some of that Wild Turkey whiskey”. And thus the idea behind a brand was born. Our cocktail celebrates that story with a seasonal iced tea with some smokey flavours. It combines Wild Turkey 81 with Cardamom Bitters for a hint of spice, Pomegranate Juice and chilled Earl Grey Tea. It’s finished off with hickory smoked Apple Sauce for a hint of smokiness and some apple sweetness. We serve it up with Star Anise and Dried Apple Rings. It’s a refreshing, wintery treat.

HIT ME GRAVY, ONE MORE THYME - “Only Available in Nottingham”

Created by our Nottingham bartender Elle McKay, this bourbon and a snack concoction combines Wild Turkey 81 with Lemon Juice & Cranberry Sauce in a bourbon sour style drink. It’s served up on a wooden board with a “gravy” pot containing an Orange Peel & Thyme Infused Chestnut Syrup which you can add to the drink to your individual taste. It’s accompanied by a tasty little nibble; a Turkey & Cranberry sandwich on brioche bread. I highly recommend this drink. It packs a punch, has a wonderful flavour and gives you something to tide you over until your food arrives.


We’re only running this delicious liquid dessert for a week or two so get in quick. We blend pecan nuts, caramel syrup, biscuit, vanilla ice-cream and whole milk. Top it up with whipped cream, more pecan nuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Optionally add a shot of bourbon to give your shake a bit of a kick.


To celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends at Wild Turkey, our executive chef Sean has created some delicious Thanksgiving Parcels stuffed with Wild Turkey 81 basted Turkey slices, Cranberry Sauce & Sage. Finished with breadcrumbs and served up with some cheesy mash and a bonus side. Soft, moist and deliciously seasoned. You’ll be gutted if you don’t grab yourself one this November and pair it up with one of our cocktail specials or american beers. It’s only available for a limited time so get in quick!!!


This mountain of meat is a twist on our extremely popular “Hung, Drawn & Quartered” sharing platter. We rack up a plethora of meats, all smoked from fresh on site. There’s Hickory smoked Turkey Slices in a Bacon wrap, Turkey Corn Dogs, Pigs in Blankets, Cranberry BBQ Wings, Brisket and Pulled Pork Sliders. Partner up with someone because this holiday feast may take a team to tackle.


You may have seen it last year. Before it broke your food loving heart when it came and went. But the Christmas Calzone is back with a vengeance this holiday season. Delicious moist Turkey is paired up with cranberry stuffing balls and applewood mash and wrapped in a Calzone base. Crack into it, see the hot steam gush out of your portion and bite into succulent turkey and gorgeous Calzone pastry. We don’t do anything low-key here at Rub. It needs to be Epic and the Christmas Calzone certainly ticks that box.

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. Book a table today either for the actual big night “Thursday the 26th” or for the weekend. Book for Nottingham at http://www.rubsmokehouse.com/pages/reservations or Birmingham at http://www.rubsmokehouse.com/pages/birmingham-reservations