We don’t like seeing a single scrap of meat go to waste here at Rub, especially when our custom-built smokers do a 16 hour shift to ensure our meats come out beautifully tender and perfumed with that unmistakable punch of Hickory wood. Well with that in mind, we’ve decided to share the magic of ‘Burnt Ends’ with you.

Don’t worry, it’s not a case of us forgetting that the oven’s on! Typically, a Brisket joint is known to have two parts: the Flat and the Point. The Flat contains the majority of the meat, so it’s reserved for slicing. The Point, however, is where most of the fat is. Whilst in the smoker, the fat slowly melts and gently infuses with our secret ‘Rub’ blend of herbs and spices, whilst also reacting with Hickory smoke. This produces the unmistakable BBQ Bark around the meat, and also leaves a pink tinge just below the surface. After smoking, we remove the Point from the Brisket joint and chunkily dice it ready to use as our ‘Burnt End’ Starter or on our Epic ‘Burnt End Burger’ (naughty picture below, NSFW).  

Horrifyingly, the gnarly, crunchy edges of the Brisket Point were initially often discarded or given away as scraps after Smokehouse cooks had sliced their tender meat. As we all know, however, appearances can be deceiving. Soon, customers were hooked on these freebies, some even preferring these glorious nuggets to the succulent slices. The reason is clear enough to us, and will be to you once you’ve got your chops around one. After all, the Burnt Ends are where all of the most intense smoky flavour gathers, and because of the high fat content, it’s also one of the most succulent parts of the joint.

These beefy treats are a firm favourite in Kansas City BBQ cuisine, famous for its rich and fruity sauces. Such is the huge amount of flavour packed into the little things, they can compete with an equally punchy BBQ Sauce. They really couldn’t be further away from fine dining and silver service; instead they sit comfortably on the guilty pleasure and sticky finger end of the culinary spectrum. Perfect in the company of a few friends, Rock ‘n’ Roll blaring, and washed down with a couple of Dixie Lagers.

No napkin required!

by John Hoyle - Rub Birmingham