Drink it All In: #2 Bubblegum Hemingway

Last time round I discussed our most popular cocktail the “Coney Island Cooler”, this time round its all about it’s closest challenger the “Bubblegum Hemingway”. The original Hemingway Daiquiri was conceived by the Head Bartender at Floridita when Ernest Hemingway stumbled into his bar to use a toilet and asked the bartender to mix him up a drink. He asked for something with a heavy dose of rum and very little sugar. Essentially getting a rum-heavy daiquiri with a dash of lime juice and no sugar. The famed American author had a special relationship with Cuba and over the years the drink became associated with the writer garnering the name “papa doble”. Over time the recipe was tweaked and changed with the addition of grapefruit juice, maraschino liqueur and eventually a bit of sugar until it was renamed in the man’s honour the “Hemingway Special” or “Hemingway Daiquiri”.

It’s this recipe I choose to twist when I developed our second cocktail menu at Rub. Our cocktail menus are all about “Guilty Pleasures” and embracing a range of American flavours, especially sweet treat tastes like Bubblegum. I’d been trying to work out a way to deliver a bubblegum cocktail that had elements that would bring a bit of balance to it’s overwhelmingly sweet flavour. I’d been surfing the internet late at night searching for inspiration when I stumbled upon some beautiful handmade tiki glasses in the shape of Ernest Hemingway’s head. I had the recipe down about a minute later.

I chose to swap out the rum and maraschino for Red Stag Black Cherry tieing the drink closer to our American theme, our menus reliance on whiskey and switching things up a bit. I kept the lime juice and grapefruit juice in place. Then added Bubblegum syrup for sweetness. The acidity of the lime juice and grapefruit juice brings a little bit of balance to the bubblegum. It’s still a sweet drink with all that ‘hubba bubba’ goodness but the juices make sure it’s not cloyingly sweet. Lastly we top the drink off with a bubblegum foam.

Keep up to date with our cocktail blogs to hear more about our bespoke menu. We’ve got 25 unique drinks to try, 5 monthly specials and once you’ve made your way through them we’ve got our spring 2016 menu coming out in mid-late January. Remember we’re not just a smokehouse, we’re a cocktail bar too!