“Drink It All In”: # 1. Coney Island Cooler

If you’ve ever been to Rub, I’m sure you’ve had a chance to flick through our epic drinks menu with it’s diverse selection of beers, wines, soft drinks & spirits. And hopefully you found the time to stumble across our original cocktail creations. Whilst we’re all about giving the customer what they want, and in doing so our bartenders are trained on how to serve up a daiquiri, pina colada, old fashioned, cosmopolitan or dozens of other classics, we’re also about showing off our originality. We have 25 original cocktail creations at Rub painstakingly devised by yours truly around two key ideas “Guilty Pleasures” and “Americana”. In this series of blogs I’m going to take you through each of our original cocktails and try and give you a little sneak peek at how they were created.

There’s no better place to start when it comes to Rub cocktails than our most popular serve, the Coney Island Cooler. When designing our menu I wanted to create cocktails that brought back the fun and weren’t afraid to be on the sweet side. When you come to Rub it’s all about indulging yourself, whether that be our giant portions of smoked meat, our mad desserts or when it comes to our drinks. The Coney Island Cooler is all about sweet indulgence.

I wanted to create a cocktail that brought back a bit of that fairground nostalgia from my childhood memories. The sweet taste of Candy Floss and going on bumper cars and ferris wheels. Celebrating the Coney Island fun fairs in New York seemed like a great way to tie the two ideas together.

 Candy Island CoolerThe other idea that was floating around in my head when it came to that sense of childhood nostalgia was ‘Strawberries & Cream’ and that’s where the recipe for the Coney Island really came about. We combine Fresh Strawberries with Cream Soda and Cotton Candy syrup. We also add lemon juice to offset the sweetness a bit and because it’s a little bit less sharp than lime juice. Lastly, I thought about what spirit could bridge all these flavours together. And I found Haymans Gin worked surprisingly well as it gave the drink a kick but also some lovely floral flavours that really work well with the fresh berries and cotton candy sweetness. It also isn’t too dominant in the drink, so for any of you who might be thinking “I can’t stand gin cocktails” this might be the gin cocktail for you as it comes through but is also masked by all those other strong flavours so it’s not overwhelmingly gin-centric. If you try it and think “I can’t even taste the booze” then I dare you to try two or three. I think you’ll find that thought quickly disappears along with your grasp of the english language.

Hayman's Gin

We serve the drink up in a knickerbocker glass reminiscent of those old 50s american diners and garnish the drink with a strawberry, rainbow candy floss and a final touch of nostalgia, a lovely red & white paper straw.

If you’re looking for a starting point on our cocktail menu that sums up what we’re about. Then the Coney Island Cooler’s combination of sweetness, booziness and epic garnish is the place to begin.