Today is world chocolate day, we may be a meat based restaurant but we certainly love our chocolate based desserts. In fact it could be said that Rub wouldn't be here today without the success of Brownie Heaven.

Brownie Wownie Mountain CakeThe brownies sold in Rub, came about when Jason the founder of Rub had a quest to make an amazing dark chocolate brownie, in his first catering business in the early noughties. He trialled baking many different brownies, using different chocolates but found the answer to be to use as much chocolate as is humanly possible without the brownie flopping. Thus today we have a brownie that is made form a 72% Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate from Belgium and the percentage of chocolate actually used to bake the brownie is higher than most brownies available. This creates a moist gooey brownie with a crunchy crust. 

The Brownies were also sold at local food festivals, which is where we learnt of their power. When giving samples out, people would try a small piece and then it would appear like their legs started to melt. At one festival one lady, tried a sample walked away and then 30 seconds later ran back to the stall and demanded a packet even though she had no cash on her. We had to give her a packet, and true to her word the lady came back an hour later with the payment and bought three more packs.

The Brownie that created the biggest following and always attracts the most attention is the Brownie Heaven Scotch Creme Egg, which is only available when creme eggs are available. This is a 1000 calorie plus dessert and can easily satisfy two people. A Cadbury's creme egg, surrounded by dark chocolate brownie which is then dipped in milk chocolate and dusted in crushed digestive biscuit. It has been copied by a few other companies too, especially in Nottingham.

Today we serve thousands of brownies every week, they make great desserts and many take them away from the restaurants. They are available to go from Rub Nottingham and will feature highly in our Rub Shop on Broad St. which is coming shortly after we open. Brownie Heaven sends brownies out designed as gifts all over the United Kingdom and even European Union countries.