John Hoyle one of the floor supervisors writes about what drew him to work at Rub

During my first year of university, I watched an episode of Man V Food pretty much every single day. My girlfriend even bought the DVD’s for me and I changed the settings on my laptop so it could play American imports. The show fed me when I couldn’t afford to eat. I could never imagine a restaurant serving the kind of epic food that Adam Richman defeated (or tried to defeat…) in every episode. I could never imagine it, until...I found Rub.

I’d been aware of the growing popularity of Rub long before I started working at the Nottingham restaurant in March 2015. Every now and then, one of the ridiculously insane burgers would pop up on my Twitter feed, and I’d release an involuntary ‘MMM’, swiftly followed by a short, sharp grunt.

Beat the Meat Taco BurgerI’m not one of those people who thinks of food as fuel. More often than not, I’m thinking about my next meal while my mouth is still full. Rub is a place that understands those needs. Around six weeks after I started at Rub, I tried the Beat the Meat Taco Burger. Normally, when I eat something that’s amazing, I am overcome by a bizarre yet lustful rage. Believe me, after the first few bites of the Taco Burger, I was furious. Furious at the sorcerer who’d concocted the madness; furious at myself for letting a burger make me feel so happy; furious that I couldn’t stop eating until I’d cleared my plate.

As you can probably tell, I love food. When I cook for myself, family or friends, I always make sure I’ve got the best possible ingredients, as well as making sure I’ve done everything I can to get the best possible flavour and taste from those ingredients. I didn’t think it was possible for a restaurant as busy as we are at Rub to not only share those beliefs, but consistently deliver on them. Having come from a large ‘branded’ restaurant, I can’t begin to explain how refreshing it is to serve a customer one of our Pulled Pork meals knowing that it’s the result of an authentic low ‘n’ slow smoking in either Hank or Marvin, rather than just 90 seconds in a microwave.

The reasons why Rub is such a great place to work for are many: the crazy party atmosphere on a Saturday night; the reactions of customers when they’re confronted with one of our insane cocktail or burger creations; the effort that all of the staff put in to make sure every customer leaves with a smile on their face. For me though, the best thing about working for Rub is being proud of what we serve to people.

It’s honest, it’s authentic, and it’s definitely #EPIC.


John Hoyle Floor Supervisor at Rub


John Hoyle






Floor Supervisor

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