My First Day at Rub and beyond.........

James Metcalfe Rub Nottingham's Deputy Manger writes about his experiences joining and working for Rub.

Smoker Full of BrisketIts my first day, nervously I walked through the door to be greeted by friendly and very approachable staff. First thing that hit me was the unbelievable smell coming from Hank and Marvin (our 2 woodchip smokers). The curious sort of chap I am, I asked to have a look inside the smokers where I laid eyes on the most beautiful site, BBQ brisket just finishing its 16hr stint in the smoker.

Arriving from managing a small, low volume restaurant in Bedford I was shocked to see how busy it was. Customers just kept coming and coming and I don't blame them. The food looked stunning, dishes I've never seen before. My personal favourite "the Rub dog millionaire" looked sublime. I knew then and there this is the place for me. 

Feeling over the moon with my first shift, I thought I would celebrate by having a few cocktails at the bar. The bar, stocked with great American draught such as Blue Moon and Portland, cocktail creations and a range of soft drinks can cater for anyone who needs watering. My personal favourite the "coney island cooler" went down a treat. Accompanied by #epicmusic, the bar at Rub Smokehouse makes for a great venue to meet with friends. needless to say my head hurt a little the next morning. 'Ooops !' 


As the weeks passed, I really started to settle in creating a great working relationship with the bar, floor and kitchen staff. I have made true friends, that I socalise with out side of work, This is hard to find in other establishments. Growing a relationship with the directors was my main goal and they have completely taken me under their wing. At 20 years old I still have a lot to learn with in the industry but I have all faith that the directors of Rub Smokehouse will help me along the way and get me to where I want to be.


As the new deputy manager at Nottingham, I have to say Rub is somewhere where I can see myself for a long time. With expansion possibilities over the next few years the sky is the limit. With such an exciting company, great future prospects, and a great working environment, Rub is the place to be.

 James Metcalfe Photo

James Metcalfe
Deputy Manager
Rub Smokehouse & Bar