What is Low n Slow?

American Barbecue, cue, pit cooking, cooking low n slow, smoking are all different names for basically the same thing. Low n Slow is a unique way of cooking which is the main US national cuisine. The BBQ Belt of States in America will argue who invented barbecue. But it basically came out of settlers cooking their food over wood, namely fruit woods and oak. Probably using the whole of the animal and cooking over a low temperature for long periods of time. Mention BBQ anywhere else in the world and it is a grilling technique over hot coals or charcoal. George Washington mentions going to a Barbicue in Virginia in 1672. As the immigrants to the USA moved westwards BBQ moved with it. 

A Loaded Rub Smoker

Each of the BBQ states have a particular style of cooking BBQ, and even with the states different regions they too have developed different styles of barbecue, there is a lot of competition between areas for who cooks the best barbecue. All the states have one thing in common, the low and slow technique of cooking the meat, what makes any individual region of cuisine different is the type of cuts that they predominately cook, the rub that they create and the type of BBQ sauce they make and how they use it in the cooking. Different regions also use different woods to give their style a different signature.

Have a look at the table below which shows what each BBQ region is famous for:

Region Meats  Sauces and Rubs
Central Texas Beef Brisket No Sauce just dry rubbed, often referred to as stripped down bbq
East Texas Brisket & Pork Products  Likely to find sauce with the BBQ probably tomato based

South Texas

(Cowboy Style)

Direct Grilling Steaks etc Maybe more Mexican barbecoa style bbq and rubs with chipotle 
St Louis Missouri Ribs and Pork Steak  Famous for its dry smoked ribs served with a tomato based, vinegar sauce.
Kansas City Missouri Anything goes chicken, pork ribs, fish, pork even beans. The most famous BBQ sauce of all came from Kansas city the Tomato based molasses vinegar sauce serve with bbq.
Kentucky Mutton (western), Pork (Eastern) particularly shoulder The west of Kentucky is famous for it's Worcestershire sauce style bbq dipping sauce and the east of Kentucky is famous for a vinegar based bbq sauce
Tenessee Ribs & Pork Shoulder Tennessee particularly Memphis is famous for it's dry ribs, which are rubbed in herbs and spices and smoked. The same city is also famous for its wet ribs which are basted in a tomato based bbq sauce throughout the smoking process. The city is also famous for adding pulled pork to pasta, pizza and nachos.
North Carolina

Whole Hog Chopped

Pork Shoulder

This state is dominated by a hot pepper and vinegar style sauce, which is served where the whole hog has been bbq and chopped, it's normally served with the smokey burnt crackling which contrast well with the softness of the chopped hog.
South Carolina

Whole Hog Chopped

South Carolina is best know for it's mustard based sauces, probably due to the influx of German immigrants to the area, although other sauces such as the hot pepper and vinegar and ketchup based sauces make an appearance. The BBQ is mainly pork based.

Pork Shoulder



The unique element about Alabama style in the north of the state is the BBQ involves chicken which is marinated and accompanied by the white BBQ sauce which is a mayonnaise, horseradish and vinegar based sauce. Pork features in the rest of the state and this is normally served with the ketchup based BBQ sauces.


Dry Smoked Baby Back Ribs

At Rub we take our barbecue very seriously, we have imported smokers from the USA that smoke hickory using an electrical sparking system. Our influence is taking a mix of all above and experimenting to bring our very own style of barbecue to the UK. We source only the best meat that has been reared ethically and with care from a Butcher near York called Sykes House Farm. They are very skilled in butchering English Meat in an American style. 

Rub's Low n Slow Selection on the Pass

The cooking technique is very important and all proper barbecue, must be smoked so that a pink ring is created around the meat. This is a chemical reaction that occurs around the meat similar to the process of curing ham, so when the meat is rubbed the salt, sugar and smoking process turns the crust of the meat pink. This can cause some fear in chicken but is perfectly safe. The cooking process is overnight up to 16 hours depending on the cut of meat within the smoker, meaning the food is ready to serve during the next day at Rub. This means we can serve our produce very quickly. 

We have developed our own special rub featuring a blend of spices and herbs and also make big batches of our own tomato based barbecue sauce after experimenting with many different recipes. We have even created a Red Bull based BBQ sauce for our wings. We also serve a lot of BBQ chicken which rub prior to smoking and serve with our own developed recipe white bbq sauce unique to Alabama. We barbecue dry, just rubbing the meat with our secret blend but we also use a very special vinegar mop to baste the meat during cooking.

As we have mentioned we take our food very seriously but we never take ourselves seriously, this we think has created a new experience beyond our very good food to create an environment of fun backed up with great service, amazing ingredients and fabulous food. If you have any questions about BBQ please feel free to message us to discuss.